• Hello :)

    I'm Dev Praks

    Freelance Artist, Cartoonist, Illustrator.

    Email: mrdevpraks@gmail.com

  • My Services

    Get work with full satisfaction...

    As my creative service I can draw " from a serious Business type cartoon TO cute & lovely Illustration for Children."

    If you think my Cartoon Illustration style is fit in your project,

    so I can draw for you.

    I am available to draw for any type project like:

    Cartoon OR Cartoon Illustration for website, Blog & Apps, News paper or Magazine, Children Book Or eBook, Coloring Book, Print Or Online advertising, Cartoon Comic Strip, Single Panel GAG cartoon, Logo Illustration, Mascot Cartoon, Personal Gift Illustration, Cartoon Portrait, Animal & Pet, Decorative cartoon Design for wall sticker & Wrapping paper, Merchandise or products like T shirt, Mug, Mouse pad etc, Illustration for Product Instruction or tutorials, Stick figure cartoons etc.

    If you have any special Project.. so Contact me any time. :)

  • My Pricing.

    Flat price with budget friendly....

    Each Art work & Project is Unique and come with different complexity and requirements,

    So it is not easy to list my all price here without knowing about project and requirements.

    The general Price range of the work you see in my portfolio is between $100 to $300 for

    Personal OR Non-Commercial use only.

    But If you provide me your art project details, requirements, So I can tell you accurate price for your project.

    If you are not sure.. so just contact me, we will discuss on it.


    But if you want to see sample artwork first...

    The range of $25-$50 is my project starting price.
    For $25-$50?

    I will draw ONE Rough Pencil Drawing-sample artwork for you,

    and send to you a scan copy for your revision purpose with 3 limited Revision.

    If you like my sample and approve for final work then I will draw final artwork for extra cost.


    For more pricing info.?

    Check my Payment Related FAQ. OR Contact me with your project details.

  • My Process

    Simple as You and Me want....

    My work process is very simple..........


    1. First most Important work is to check my artwork style in my portfolio and make sure that my style fit in your requirement or not?

    2. If my style fit then email me and tell me about your project details.

    3. I will reply you back within 2-3 business days with details of what I am able to draw for you and also share my ideas and give you full time to discuss on your project and other requirements.

    4. After completion of all discussion and agreeing on price, Time frame and Rights, I will send you "First Paypal invoice for sample artwork."

    5. Once I receive your total payment for sample artwork, I will draw sample and send to you for revision purpose with 3 limited revisions.

    If you do not like my sample, or want to make some changes.. So tell me, I will draw again for you. :-)

    6. If you like and approve my sample artwork. then I will send you "Second Paypal invoice for final artwork." and you can pay 50% advance (if project cost is more than $100) payment for final artwork.

    7. Once I receive your 50% advance, I will draw final artwork and again send to you in low resolution with light watermarks for revision purpose with 2 limited revision option. (Extra revision on final artwork Or Major changes that will require redrawing or anything will cost you extra)

    8. If you like my final artwork, then pay Balance 50% payment for final artworks and I will send you same final artwork in high resolution with No watermarks.


    Your Project is Completed Now :-)

  • FAQ

    Find your all answers in following sections.

  • FAQ - Artwork

    All Artwork Related....

    1.What is your work process and How to pay you?

    = Please check here my work process. For now I only accept payments through PayPal.com, You can use your credit or debit card there, this is a very safe site.

    2.How many revisions on art work will I get?

    = 3 limited revision on per sample art works. 2 limited revision on final artworks. If you need more revision Or different sample art work for same subject, then this will cost you extra.

    3.What if I don't like the illustration?


    = I've never had a complaint to date..but..

    if you really don't like the sample artwork so Price range of $25-$50 based on your sample artwork will be charged.


    If you don't like final artwork after many revisions, So you can cancel the order and you wouldn't be under any obligation to pay the balance 50% price. But Advance 50% payment will be charged for my service. For more info on payment structure..

    Please check here.

    4.How soon can I expect to get my finished illustration?

    = Time frame depend on the project complexity. Easier project will require less time and Complex project require more.

    It takes around 5 days to draw a simple artwork, and sometime take around 2 weeks to draw 7-12 artwork and sometime take 1 to 3 months to complete 30 to 50 artworks for children book including discussion, revisions, research and exchanging emails.

    But it also depend on my availability and workload on me.
    we can discuss more on it,

    Just contact me. :-)

    5.Can I have the original Artwork?

    = No, I draw mostly artwork Digitally in software and most of my clients have no use for the original art and want digital/Scan copy only. As I am using Graphics Software so

    there is no chance for Original copy.

    6.Can you provide artwork in Vector format?

    = No, I do not provide artwork in Vector format.

    Generally I provide artwork in JPG format..

    and on request I can provide artwork in PNG, TIFF, PSD only.

    7.Can you draw a caricature of Me ?

    No. I'm not a caricature artist But I can draw Cartoon of you..mean I will not draw a Cartoon exactly look like you.
    But I will draw Cartoon character of you with your unique

    Facial Structure and personal mark like:

    Your hair style, Smile curves, eyes details

    and other elements that relate to your personality.

    8.Will you illustrate my children's book?


    Yes, if you are a self-publishing author with adequate budget, so I am available to draw for you and provide my service.
    Please contact me to talk about your book project!

    But if you are going to present your work to a editor Or planning to produce book with Any Book Publishing house. So I suggest you show them your manuscript without any

    Illustration First because Publishers and editors have their book Illustrator in contact and they like to choose the right illustrator themselves.

    So if you are going to present your work to a publisher or editor. Then show them your work without Illustration.

  • FAQ - Payment

    All Payment Related....

    1. What is your Payment structure & Terms?

    = After discussing and agreeing on price, Time frame
    and Rights on artworks, 50% advance payment of total
    cost is required to start working on your project.

    1.If you pay 50% advance payment then you will get all

    sample artwork for free with 3 limited revision.

    There is no extra charge for sample artwork.

    2.But If you are not sure for some reasons and do not want

    to pay 50% advance payment and want me to draw

    Sample artwork first for you to understanding how I will

    draw for you and how final artwork will be look. Then you

    will be charged advance between $25-$50 based on

    description for sample artwork.

    3.If you like my sample artwork and ready to work with me.

    Then 50% advance payment of total cost is required to

    start your project and you will get all next sample

    artwork for free.

    4.After 50% advance payment, I will draw all sample

    artwork and send to you for revision purpose.

    If you like and approve my sample artwork, then I will

    draw final artwork and again send to you in low

    resolution with light watermarks for your revision


    5.If you like and approve my Final artwork and pay

    remaining 50% payment, I will send you Final artwork

    in high resolution without watermarks.

    Your project is completed now :)

    *Payment can be done by using Paypal.com only.
    and you also can use your debit & credit card in

    *In late Payment,
    You have to pay all amount strictly within 15 Days from the
    date of final artwork submission.
    (Second Sample artwork after 50% advance)

    If you make late payment after completion of 15 Days,
    you will be charge extra 30% late fee on balance payment

    2.What is your payment refund & cancellation


    = Please read carefully..


    1. The kill fee for sample artworks,

    The 50 % advance payment for Second sample artwork.

    and 50 % remaining payment for Final artwork.

    The Total cost of artwork project are Non-Refundable

    payment for Digital copy of artwork.


    2. Mostly I am selling my artwork and my creative

    service which is non-tangible, irrevocable digital

    goods and digitally upload and download on internet

    through many web servers and sent as an attachment

    via an e-mail, so these are not items that can be

    "Physically Returned."


    3. It is your responsibility to understand what the receive.


    * Please take advantage of the cartoon previews in my

    website portfolio which give you a full understanding of

    my Artwork style, coloring and shading style and How I

    convey Message through my artwork.

    My portfolio will guide you in your purchase decision and

    help you to understand that I am a right one for your

    project or not?

    * If for any reason like you change your mind and want to

    cancel order.


    You think that My artwork might turn out not to be what

    you expected and you want to cancel.


    You like other artist artwork style of same or other

    medium and want to cancel.

    You receive my artwork but cannot use or open due to

    not having compatible/required software and want to

    cancel order.

    The Total cost of project.

    Or 50 % advance/remaining payment and kill fee are Non-


  • FAQ - Copyright

    All About Copyrights....

    1.Who Own the copyright on artwork?

    I retain copyright and ownership on my all artworks Including roughs/Concept sketch or Sample artwork accepted or rejected by you, Editing works, Final artworks & other materials and I can use my work for promotional use, sell-resell to third party/buyer, websites and organizations.
    You are paying charges to me as a service & permission fee, mean you are not buying my artwork.
    You are purchasing the Authorization to use my artwork for your specific projects only.

    2.Is it possible to get full copyright ownership on artwork?

    Yes. There are some Rights that I can provide for my artwork

    including full copyright ownership. For more information on this topic. Contact me with your project details.

  • FAQ - Talk to Me

    Why you cannot talk to me on the phone or direct?

    5.Could I meet with you or call you and discuss my idea on the phone?

    = NO, I accept all conversation only through email (mrdevpraks@gmail.com) and this is for a number of reasons.
    1. It helps me as an artist to focus on your ideas into several words that allow me to more easily approach depicting your needs.
    2. some time I work in multiple project and have lots of ideas running in my mind for different art projects.
    So in this situation our emails communication notes help me to make sure I get all the important details for particular art work.
    3.And lastly, it is common for artists to change paths midstream and get away from the original concept through lengthy revisions. so a written description of your project in our emails communication helps me to keep on target.

    I understand that sometime it is very difficult to explain something in text through email so I request you to send me some images and artwork of other artist as reference for project (I will not copy other artist's work, It is illegal.) Or send me images from Google Image (just for explaining purpose) and you can also send me your hand drawn rough sketch work as reference, you do not need to sketch everything in detail or with perfection,

    Just draw as you can. I understand every lines. :)

  • Contact Me

    Or email me at mrdevpraks@gmail.com